About pricing

Veterinary services to many people will seem expensive. At Anzac Parade Veterinary Hospital we like to be as reasonable as we can whilst not forgetting that we are providing a valued service that requires extensive training, time and costs. We do not believe that the veterinary profession is suited to price discounting. Ultimately that will affect the health care of animals, something we will not compromise on.

With that in mind, APVH are proud to disclose what we charge for our most common services.

Pricing for some common procedures

Please contact us for more details or for services not listed here.

  • Standard 15 minute consultation (cat/dog) – $85
  • Vaccination (C5 – dog, F3/F4 – cat) + consultation – $98
  • Desex male dog (<10Kg, <6months) – $292
  • Desex female dog (<10Kg, <6months) – $385
  • Desex male cat – $150
  • Desex female cat – $280
  • Dental cleaning (price guide) – $350-$450